Music Together® con Español

Whether you already speak Spanish or not, hacer que cada dia sea más divertido con la música!

Music Together con Español 
Birth to 5 years, with adults

Looking to try something new? Music Together con Español is a bilingual English/Spanish version of the mixed-age classes many families already know and love.

Music Together con Español uses the same song collections as the mixed-age classes, with recordings in a mixture of English and Spanish. In addition to a CD and online music access, participants receive an English-language illustrated songbook, a booklet with Spanish lyrics to songs, and a family newsletter with at-home music-making ideas. Weekly emails are sent to help families practice the Spanish songs that will be sung in class the following week. All short, simple directions will be provided in Spanish to allow for a rich bilingual learning experience.

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"My husband is a native speaker and only speaks to our daughter in Spanish. We have been looking for activities in Spanish for her and until now have found little for her age group. So happy to have this amazing music class--she loves it!"


"We loved the Spanish/English class! Spanish hadn't been a part of my child's life, but it is now when we're singing! This was the only CD my child wanted to listen to. The bilingual class is great and fun exposure to Spanish!"