We're continuing Music Together Online this winter! Join us for weekly musical fun in the Zoom Room, or sign up for our new on-demand classes (Mixed-Age only), and enjoy music class at your family's convenience. A virtual community of family music-makers awaits!

Bigger Kids Classes Online

The musical fun you've grown to love, with new activities and challenges designed for your older child!

Bigger Kids Classes
4- to 5-year-olds, with adults attending some classes

Does your 4- to 5-year-old make up words to songs, dance up a storm, and love to be playful with music?

When your child is young, music has tremendous power to enhance their love of music and the joy it brings, and also their overall development. Because music integrates mind, body, and emotions, music learning supports many other kinds of learning.

Music Together of Portland's Bigger Kids Class provides opportunities for individual music expression through movement games and song-making activities, and introduces basic reading of music notation. We meet your child where they are, introducing more structure while continuing to play with music in active and creative ways. The Bigger Kids class can complement or prepare your child for formal music instruction and school-based music education, while giving them a foundation for a lifetime of music enjoyment. In addition, your child will build life skills such as leadership, decision-making, and teamwork with their music skills and understanding.

The Bigger Kids class is a 3-semester, cumulative curriculum, beginning in the fall session. The class is designed for 4 to 5-year-old preschoolers to take the year before entering kindergarten.
Adults attend class each week with their child. 


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"My 5-year-old loves the Bigger Kids class! He is learning to read music and sits down with his Music Together® book and can point out the rhythms he is learning in class. He spends hours writing music about different things in his world like bugs and a visit to the zoo. It is amazing to me that such young kids can read and write simple melodies and rhythms."


"We have Big Kids Music Class at home using our colored solfege circles and 'writing' the songs  from class. My daughter sits and reads her favorite Music Together songs from the book, following the notes with her finger and  singing. She teaches us the different rhythms she learns in class and we have 'treasure hunts' looking through the songbooks trying to find them. What an amazing musical learning experience for all of us!"