We're continuing Music Together Online this winter! Join us for weekly musical fun in the Zoom Room, or sign up for our new on-demand classes (Mixed-Age only), and enjoy music class at your family's convenience. A virtual community of family music-makers awaits!

Our Program

Create memories.  Connect with community.  Experience The Joy of Family Music®!

Since 1987, Music Together® has introduced millions of children, parents, and caregivers around the world to the powerful benefits of having music in their lives. From babyhood though kindergarten, our research-based classes nurture each child's natural musicality in a playful, musically rich learning environment. Activities are designed to be informal and non-performance oriented musical experiences, developmentally appropriate for children and easily accessible to parents and caregivers, regardless of their own musical ability. 

Music Together is based on the premise that all chidren are musical and that parents are crucial to the process of activating and nurturing their child's musical development. Just like language development, the early years are critical for developing basic music competence.
Our classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement and provide a strong foundation for future instruction in dance or instrument study. Best of all, they're fun!



Each semester includes:

  • Ten weekly 45-minute classes, including songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement, and instrument play.
  • A new music collection (CD and digital access) with professionally recorded songs, rhythm chants, "play along" music, and tonal and rhythm patterns. There are twelve collections of music, one for each semester, rotated over three years. 
  • A beautiful songbook with colorful and engaging illustrations by award-winning artist Jaime Kim and children's book illustrator, Gerald Kelly.
  • Music and Your Child: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers -- a handbook about early childhood music development from Music Together Worldwide.
  • Semi-annual family newsletter and informative national website.
  • Parent education to help adults better understand and enhance their child's musical development.
"Music Together has been magical. Both my children have found their theatrical fervor and their voice to sing out loud over the many years we have participated. Music education is critical for creative thinking and expression of ourselves, and Music Together has led my children down this beautiful path! Thank you for 5 wonderful years!"