Intro Bigger Kids class

NE Fremont UM Church - Street Level (location map)
Wednesday, 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
09/25/19 - 12/04/19 (10 weeks)

Intro Bigger Kids Class is for children who turn 4 by September 1. This class is perfect for those children who have late spring & summer birthdays as it will incorporate the concepts and basic structure from the Bigger Kids Class curriculum as well as incorporate special activities & class structure to address the social developmental needs of children this age with more parent attendance (if needed), playing musical games to create community and build relationships, and continuing some familiar activities from mixed age classes with a focus on community building.

Like the Bigger Kids Class, it is also a three semester class where students have attended at least one semester of a mixed age Music Together®® class and are in late primary music development. This class provides more opportunities for individual musical expression through movement games and songmaking activities and introduces rhythm and note reading. 

Adults and siblings attend the first, last and one class mid session of each semester. Adults only (no siblings) attendance at 1 – 2 additional classes is required.