We're continuing Music Together Online this spring! Join us for weekly musical fun in the Zoom Room, or sign up for our new on-demand classes (Mixed-Age only), and enjoy music class at your family's convenience. A virtual community of family music-makers awaits!

Music Together® On-Demand

ONLINE (location map)
Mon - Sun, Anytime
01/11/21 - 03/23/21 (9 weeks)

Music Together Mixed Ages for newborn to age five. This option will provide one weekly 45 minute pre-recorded class that can be watched on demand at a time that suits your schedule best. Includes the Illustrated songbook, CD, and digital download, and two bonus zoom classes scheduled through our make-up scheduler.

Upcoming Meetings
03/08/21    Anytime Monday 03/08/21 Anytime
03/09/21    Anytime Tuesday 03/09/21 Anytime
03/10/21    Anytime Wednesday 03/10/21 Anytime
03/11/21    Anytime Thursday 03/11/21 Anytime
03/12/21    Anytime Friday 03/12/21 Anytime
03/13/21    Anytime Saturday 03/13/21 Anytime
03/14/21    Anytime Sunday 03/14/21 Anytime
03/15/21    Anytime Monday 03/15/21 Anytime
03/16/21    Anytime Tuesday 03/16/21 Anytime
03/17/21    Anytime Wednesday 03/17/21 Anytime
03/18/21    Anytime Thursday 03/18/21 Anytime
03/19/21    Anytime Friday 03/19/21 Anytime
03/20/21    Anytime Saturday 03/20/21 Anytime
03/21/21    Anytime Sunday 03/21/21 Anytime
03/23/21    Anytime Tuesday (Moved from: 02/16/21) 03/23/21 Anytime
(Moved from: 02/16/21)