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Articles and Research

What do we mean when we say that Music Together® is a "research-based" program?

Research is the touchstone of the Music Together program. Music Together Worldwide is commited to ongoing research and development in the field of early childhood music, helping families, caregivers, and early childhood professionals rediscover the pleasure and educational value of informal musical experiences. Research conducted at the "lab" school in Princeton, New Jersey, as well as through programs around the country continually informs Music Together's creative work on program content, varied applications of the program, and teacher training and continuing education.
In addition, Music Together looks beyond best music education practices and into the latest developments in early childhood learning theory, brain development, play research, and neuroscience and psychology related to early childhood development. Read more about Music Together's interdisciplinary approach to early childhood music.

Articles of Interest

Why Making Music Matters: Music and Early Childhood Development 
Summary of a study by Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf

The Importance of Music in Early Childhood
by Dr. Lili M. Levinowitz

Early Childhood Music Education in the New Millennium
by Ken Guilmartin

Old-Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills
by Alix Spiegel from NPR.org

Is Music for Wooing, Mothering, Bonding - or Is It Just "Auditory Cheesecake"?
by Carl Zimmer from Discover Magazine, December 2010

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